Saturday, April 21, 2012

About Technorati

View of the above title Registering Guide Blog to Technorati looks like I have to deliver the maximum in this tutorial, because the user name is a benchmark against inquirer, and efficient effectiveness in the delivery of an object. Before we get into the main core of the discussion, I explained it would be nice in the abstract about this technorati.
Technorati is one of the largest blog directories today. And too many functions, in addition to being a blog directory, could serve as a Blogsearch technorati, tags aggregator, and online bookmarks. In addition, by registering our blog on technorati, we can find a site / blog anywhere that link our blog. Technorati Media is network has rapidly grown into the largest advertising network of social media (blogs, social networks and content distribution), with the audience boasts more than 300 million unique visitors per month worldwide and 150 million people in the United States.

To increase visitor traffic to our blog, so that more can be known by another blogger than to apply to what is called seo, you should also register your blog on technorati.

Well, now how, what was already knew Technorati? if it is, I suggest you to register your blog in technerati, because many of the benefits we get from registering this blog on technorati. How to register your blog on technorati? well, I will guide you to register. Follow the steps below.

  • Please visit her site
  • Click the Join tab and fill in the requested data. And check on the words "I agree to abide by Technorati's Privacy Policy and Terms of Use". Then click the Join button.
  • Technorati asks you to confirm the email it sends.
  • Go to the email you submitted. Then click the verification link.
  • After you click on a confirmation link, then your account is active.
  • Now click on Sign In. Then enter the username and password that you submitted.
  • You go back to the front page of Technorati with your username. Click the profile picture next to your username to enter text into the Profile menu.
  • Fill in the requested data. Change your profile image also. Then at the bottom of the blog entitled My clamied. Fill in your full address url. Then click the Claim button.
  • After that will come up window blog claim, and the contents of the data according to your blog, the blog and also the description of the specification you. After blog is filled and then click "Proceed to the next steps."
  • Wait a moment, because the team will evaluate your blog Technorati. Then click the Return to profile.
  • You return to the Profile page, but this time the look of your blog appears in the preview column My claimed blogs. Click the Check claim.
  • Technorati will provide verification code that you are the owner of the blog. Now you must create an article that contains the verification code. An example code is a code for my blog is 8ERTB9ESAGGS.
  • Publish your articles which contain the verification code. then you click the Claim Verifiy token.
  • Claim back again to the status page. Technorati team will reevaluate your blog. Click the button again Return to Profile. So you go back to the Profile page. And Technorati will crawl on your article that memuaat verification code. When Technorati managed to find the verification code in the menu My claimed blogs will come out the words: We have successfully crawled your blog and found the claim token, and your claim is now Awaiting review.
  • This means that your blog is crawled by Technorati. You can just wait for the reviews of the Technorati blog. Go back one or two days later to the Profile page and click the Check button claim. If approved, it will exit the green button next to the post Check claim.

Note: If the above steps you have already done so check your email, to see the verification number technorati, and do as I do post to this blog in order claim process successfull, this is the last and very important step.

OK, it seems clear enough, if there are any questions please do not hesitate to comment and raise questions.
Good luck ..

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