Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Brief View European Cup

European Cup is the largest in the European soccer championship held every four years. Championship is enlivened by the stars of the world is shining club level. Although it is possible that the player does not display the star status, but his ability is still unreliable.
The idea for the soccer championship held an inter-European countries was initiated by a member of the French national football administrative body that is Henry Delauney in 1927. But the idea is not getting a positive response to the year 1958. Where, in the year, the idea was realized that enlivened by 17 national team.

Of the 17 teams, only four teams eligible to appear dibabak final. 4 teams are Spain, USSR, Yugoslavia, and the host, France. Although tinged with resignation Spanyal political issues, the championship is still in progress and result in the USSR as a champion of the new European Cup was first held.

Until now, the European Cup has been held 13 times. And in June 2012, the European Cup will again be held in Poland and Ukraine. View of the composition of the team that will arise, of course it is difficult to predict who will appear in the top half and win the title. That picture of the European Cup from the sidelines.

European Cup in terms of economy brings many benefits to both the organizers and others. The rise of promotional activities that sells all sorts of things relating to the European Cup or soccer and other economic activities that support positive economic growth.

That is a brief view of the European Cup, held every four years and brings a passion not only for football fans but also to the world.

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