Sunday, April 29, 2012


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  1. I don't think its dead. I think its changing and will be based more on content in future.. . I think googles strategy is to have the best sites (content wise) ranked high rather than the best advertised sites.. The idea being that if they can improve their search results even more, users wont see the point of using lesser search engines.. And if you are always on google then your likely to use other google features ect.. Google continues to be the best and more and more people are using it. What if it changes the way we use the Internet?. Maybe its already begun with 'make google your home page' . Then creating a google account and customising your homepage. Customising and improving searches. If they improve much more then there wont be any point using other search engines. Others will be brought (by google) or fade out.. Everyone will use google. They will make a FORTUNE with advertising. Google will 'be the internet'

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