Tuesday, April 17, 2012

On-Page SEO Techniques

To apply on-page SEO techniques, there is things to consider, such as:

› Use proper Meta Tags in your website or Blog.

› Keyword Research, researches for how many people are typing that keyword in search engine, level of competition etc. Anticipate what people will be searching for. Do not limit your keyword(s) or phrase(s) to text links.

› Keyword Density, must have one primary keyword for every 100 words, which means for 500 words article you will have only 5 primary keywords. Put keyword phrase on title, on the first 25 words of your article. Use this tool Live Keyword Analysis.

› Unique Content, create much more unique content.

› Page Titles, page titles will tell entire topic of the blog post. Try to put your post title before your blog title.

› Internal Links, link to your own posts need to properly manage internal links to precent grow like a weed.

› Site Structure, your site architecture must represent the niche or the market you are targeting. Pay attention for loading page to give a good user experience. Every page on your website should include a link to your home page and your sitemap.

› Get Social, so you can promote your post to social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

› Sharing your blog to many directories.

› Submit your sitemaps to the popular search engines such as Google and Bing.

› Continuously promoting your blog.

› Monitor, Tweak, Test, Tweak, monitor your post, do some tweak if you need to and test it.

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