Thursday, April 19, 2012

Re-sizing Your Video

Sometime, I want my visitor not seeing only text form but a video as well. But the problem is, video won't fit on my post area. So, to deal with it, I try to re-sizing it.
This is how I did it:

At first, I preparing my video and try to find out the size of it. In this case, let's say, 640x835, that's mean video width=640 and height=835. To width for my 350px post area. So, I have to re-size it at least 330px.

But, how about the height of the video? It's a little bit odd to see 330px width with 835px height. Thus, I must to adjust the height too as well. And this is I did it.

I divided the new width against original width and multiply it with original height, thus I get the new height, right?

Here is the formula:
(New Width ÷ Original Width) x Original Height = New Height
New Height = (330 ÷ 640) x 835
New Height = 430

There you go. Have it try.

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