Friday, April 20, 2012

SEO Techniques

SEO Techniques:
  • Be patient, you just got to be patient with this blogging process.
  • Page Title >> Usually page titles will tell entire topic of the blog post.
  • Internal Links >> You need to properly manage your internal links as it must not grow like a weed. A blog may contain many posts and you have to properly connect them with each other through proper keywords.
  • Keyword Research >> Researches like how many people are typing that keyword in search engine, level of competition etc.
  • Keyword Density >> Keywords are of two types, one is primary and other is secondary. You must have one primary keyword for every 100 words, which means for 500 words article you will have only 5 primary keywords.
  • Site Structure >> Your site architecture must represent the niche or the market you are targeting. Design your site according to that only.
  • Loading Speed; you can see from the explanation above that search engine depend on speed, search engine work on speed, therefor your blog must load fast and have a clean code structure whether is html, php. Logically If it easy for you to load your your blog than it would be easy also for search engine to index your new page.
  • User Experience; Google panda would de-evaluate your page on SERPs if you put to many ads above the fold against content.
  • Link Building: link popularity contest, if your page get the most backlink, with the fastest backlink growth and the best authority backlink than you will have get to be number one SERPs. Off page search engine optimization give 70% weight to On page search engine optimization that only give 30%.
  • Unique Content, yes you probably heard about this thousand of times but not just unique content. You need create much more unique content.
  • You need to start to write for search engine also not just for your reader. Don't forget to put your keyword phrase on your title, on the first 25 words of your article and so on. Learn here how to apply keywords on your post. After all getting into the first page serp is about keywords competitions.
  • Anticipate What People Will be Searching For
  • Have a nice blog with easy navigation such categories, archive, navigation, related post, popular post, feed reader, subscribe to article to email.
  • Write long (around 500-900 words) quality articles and submit them to top article directories like ezinearticles, GoArticles, ArticleCity and DropJack.
  • Participate in forums and discussion boards that are related to your website's niche and always add a link to your site in the signature.
  • There is absolutely nothing wrong in getting a backlink from a related blog post you take the time to comment on.
  • Submit your site link to all of the major web directories.
  • Make use of social bookmarking and ping your article.
  • Think out of the box
  • Make the reader to say WoW!
  • Think like a reader
  • Guest blogging on a similarily themed blog
  • Be Controversial – It Is Okay!
  • Monitor, Tweak, Test, Tweak
  • Tracking your own blog with a simple free page counter like StatCounter, FeeStats, SiteMeter or Active Meter.
  • Get yourself a number of popular blog hosting services like Blogger, Wordpress, LiveJournal, JournalHome, Blog-City, etc.
  • Submit your Website sitemaps to the popular search engines
  • Check your spelling
  • Show Yourself Authoritative Even If Your Are Newbie


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