Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Why I Choose Blogger

This is why I choose Blogger as my blog service:
  • 100 Google account holders can be added as Administrators or Authors
  • Authors and subscribers can be notified of latest posts and comments via Email
  • Default Template can be replaced by a more free professional template
  • Displays no advertisement of its own on your blog.
  • Does not have any default stats system. But allows third party tracking scripts.
  • Has a Mail-to-Blogger feature which turns any email account into a blog-posting application
  • Highly user friendly Interface. Easy to navigate.
  • In Comment Verification, Asks users to verify if they are humans using a 4-6 digit code
  • Innumerable Designers Creating Free Templates each day
  • Innumerable Official and Un official Widgets available
  • Innumerable Tutorials on Blogger Tricks
  • Offers Free Layout/Style Sheet Customization to do Template Customization
  • Post Feed On Mobile Phones Supported
  • Though Owned by Google, no favoritism. Manual optimization is required. It's a SEO, Optimization challenge.
  • Unlimited with Google Video and an upload limit of 16GB
  • Uses user friendly scripting and coding i.e HTML, XML, CSS
  • You can limit access to your blog to 100 Authors and 100 readers. All must be Google account holders.
  • You can restrict comments to Google account holders, Open ID users or Any one (includes Anonymous)

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